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Get the latest IT Networking bundle to improve your operations. From internet service consultancy, security or firewall equipment, intrusion detection and strenghtening your networks to prevent unauthorised connections. 


We give you the best value propositions for high speed network, latest wifi technology using multi streams, Network storage to backup data centrally and safely from cyber attacks.


From BYOD environments to Secure Server technology, whether Virtualised on premises or data center/cloud.


Cyber Security Networks

One stop solutions offering installation/consultancy services to setup cyber security networks in your company operations. Basic components include physical security, eg, computer rack with locks, server room lock system -biometric system using finger/face recognition and CCTV system.


Network security, eg. Firewall & VPN. Firewall, offers intrusion detection system & Intrusion Prevention System to stop malware from entering your internal networks,  AntiSpam, Web Filtering and others, including setting up rules for your application server.


PC & Software


Investing in PC software like Microsoft offices or migrating to Office 365 software and Office365 email systems. Remote working is on the rise and Microsoft Teams, part of Office 365 packages, allow Teams collaboration, Video Conferencing/Multiple Web Meeting/Live events, File sharing, Text Chat & Cloud backup. 



Cloud Computing


Cloud computing simplifies infrastructure, reduces hardware and protects against equipment obsolescence. Zoom/Google Meet/Xero/SalesForce/Microsoft Teams are powered by cloud computing and offer their software as a service. Data storage, VOIP, application servers are some examples, which is suitable for private cloud, your own cloud server.


Wi-Fi Networks


An integral part of your computer network is your Wi-Fi networks. Access Points for high speed internet for different types of users - Guest users, BYOD users, Office PC, VOIP phone & other wifi users eg wifi cameras. Indoor and outdoor Wifi Access Point. 


Data Storage


You can choose a cloud platform or on-premises storage option for system backups. Eg A Network Attached Storage(NAS) is used to backup all user PC data, providing an additional layer of data protection against malware. NAS can be configured with multiple harddisk or hard-disk redundancy. For enterprises, we will recommend a file server for your storage needs.


VoIP Service


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. PABX or Private Automatic Branch Exchange, is your traditional telephone server. As voice and data networks converge, you will need to plan your infrastructure to support a VOIP network. Our consideration is based on reliability, security, integration & system efficiency for ease of maintenance and availability of software upgrade to the latest technology.


Virtual Machine (VM)


Virtualisation, allow a physical server to partition into many virtual servers. A virtual server system is known as a “virtual machine”(VM). Several operating systems and applications software can be installed in these VM environments. You can build resilience into your server networks by using 2 physical servers with multiple VMs.