Creating a Service & Knowledgeable Culture

  • Company Mission

    Eteli’s mission is to build a sustainable converged solution by integrating the fundamental needs of organizations with the best in class Computer Technology thru IT System & Integration, partnering our customers and further customer objective.

  • Our Service

    At Eteli, we strive to understand customer work processes and work with our business partner  ensuring service continuity. Our strength is in system integrations, simplifying work flow and add value to meet customer objective. We will continue to improve the services thru best practice, meeting and exceeding service level in carrying out activities like pre-sales/post sales helpdesk, fault response, spares management, implementation process, documentation process & partner management
  • Our Core Business

    Eteli Asia Pte Ltd core business is in providing and integrating IT System & Network infrastructure, thru systematically design and best practice policy.
  • Cyber security networks encompassing physical security & network security for voice & data networks -IT Policy to segment wired and wireless networks, administrative and user policy.
  • Resilency design - data protection/data integrity thru best practice policy. Fail safe mechanism in event of system crash/disaster recovery. 


Eteli is commited to deliver

quality services

to all its customers.









Our Promises

Helpdesk operations for technical support. Quick resolution, hardware support, software update/repairs by a team of experienced support team.

All equipment sold include 12 months warranty on hardware defects. All services carried out include a 30 days warranty. 

Best value for money.